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Code Line Counter

Code Line Counter is a software program that allows users to count in all programming languages. It supports counts on programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, Delphi, Pascal, COBOL, VB, PHP, ASP, XML, Perl, Fortran, SQL Script and many others.

Code Line Counter has many features that are useful for programmers and software developers. Some of these features include providing users with total counts and percentages for source, blank and comment lines.

This program allows you to make your own file type and comment style and describe comments using regular expressions. Code Line Counter also supports sub-folders and multi types count and can count source or text files for the entire code.

Code Line Counter is an ideal tool for managing codes and source files. It is a handy tool for programmers and coders alike. The program is compatible with Windows Vista platforms and lower Windows versions.

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